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What People say about Northern Colorado Air

Heating Service & AC Service Testimonials

“Very pleased to have Mike come out for an estimate on Monday and Scott install on Thursday.”
— 12/22/22  James G

“Scott did a great job! All went as represented and really appreciate that electrical was part of the bid.”
— 01/12/23 Paul F

“ Scott worked and focused thru a long day which we appreciate!”
— 01/17/23 Jay H

“ Brett gave us options of what we could do with our current furnace. He was honest and clear. Scott was very thorough with the install and explaining how to use the humidifier.”
— 02/14/23 Kellie B

“ Scott was very detailed and exacting on the installation of my new water heater. He took pride in his work despite in being a difficult installation due to circumstances beyond his control.”
— 02/21/23 Stephanie G

“ With my new furnace and AC install, the technician (JJ) was professional, courteous, informative, and efficient. They explained installation procedures and maintenance of the furnace. They purposely designed install to prevent additional costs. I have recommended No. Co Air to my friends.”
— 03/01/23 Judy G

“ JJ was fast, courteous, no pressure, better price.”
— 03/01/23 Mae L

“ Scott is truly outstanding. He is very knowledgeable and truly loves his work and takes pride in it!”
— 03/03/23 Steven R

“ Scott did the job so neat and tidy!”
— 03/06/23 Mary W

“ Scott and Blank were excellent installs. They made it work on a compressed timeline. Thanks!”
— 03/09/23 David A

“ JJ provided excellent service. Everyone was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.”
— 03/22/23 Cindy G

“ Scott and CJ (Electrician) were very courteous and helpful. The installation was timely and well done.”
— 03/24/23 Paul A

“ JJ was great. Connected humidifier to Nest, Nice upgrade!”
— 03/25/23 Michael H

“ Being selected as #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the Reporter Herald helped with my choice!”
— 04/05/23 Douglas F

“ Expert installation! Ken was very personable and courteous!”
— 04/06/23 Stephen M

“ Scott was helpful with a shutoff valve question. Thanks Scott!”
— 04/11/23 Mark N

“ Scott and Wes were pleasant, hardworking, and professional. They finished a day early!”
— 04/13/23 Kristin P

“ Blake and Scott were great. Courteous, professional, explained process and equipment. Thanks!”
— 04/21/23 Jerry R

“ James was on time and did excellent work!”
— 04/25/23 Jane E

“ Wes and Matt are the best!”
— 05/05/23 Jo C

Lennox Overall Performance Rating for Northern Colorado Air: 99%

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