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Exceptional service elevates Northern Colorado Air

The warming signs of spring are hard to ignore. The days are getting longer and crocuses are popping up. And you can’t miss the annual appearance of brightly colored flyers in your mail and stuck in the screen door.

“When searching for an HVAC company, stick with a licensed, bonded and insured professional, company that is certified and rated with the Better Business Bureau,” said Jeff Richard, general manager at Northern Colorado Air.

“Make sure they do the full checklist for servicing your A/C or furnace and not just a filter change,” he said.

Northern Colorado Air delivers the right stuff. It’s what Jeff Richard calls the “above and beyond service” that other HVAC companies don’t offer.

An annual home A/C system checkup by a certified technician includes taking the top off the condenser and cleaning all parts of the unit. Leaves, dirt and debris can reduce efficiency are removed and the drain is flushed to make sure no mold is growing.

“It’s important to check how loud the unit is and how many amps it is drawing to check peak efficiency. They check the differential between the air temperature outside and coming otut of the vents inside,” he said.

Experience matters when a technician is at work in your home “Our technicians are trained to diagnose possible problems caused by Colorado weather, sun and altitude. The investment in proper maintenance saves the homeowner a lot money in the long run,” Richard added.

Earning the Trust of Northern Colorado Families

That dedication is the reason Northern Colorado Air has earned the loyalty of several generations of local families.

“Jeff and his team go out of their way to take care of clients,” said Chuck, a longtime Northern Colorado Air customer in Loveland.

“A while back I called Northern Colorado Air about my water heater. They helped me get some more time on my existing unit until I eventually replaced it with a Bradford White. Jeff will proudly tell you it’s the only one still made in America,” Chuck said.

“When the technicians come into your home, you feel very secure. For my most recent visit, the technician that came out had worked with the NCA team over 15 years; that gives me peace of mind. They call ahead, arrive on time and wear booties so they don’t track on the carpet,” he said.

Test the Air Your Family Breathes

One thing a simple, seasonal air filter change will not do is tell you what’s really in the air your family is breathing. Northern Colorado Air is one of the few HVAC companies that provides accurate testing of air quality in each room in the house.

“You have to think of your HVAC system as the respiratory system of your home. It’s instrumental in maintaining health and helping you breathe easier,” Richard said

“We can install a three-part system that traps or destroys allergens, volatile organic compounds, particulates, germs and other pollutants using a high performance filter, UV light and a catalyst cell,” he said. The filter alone contains 95-feet of compacted materials, he said.

In a lot of homes, if the air conditioner or furnace isn’t on, the air isn’t being filtered and contaminants are not just outside the home. “A lot of things, including flooring, carpets and cabinets in homes, off-gas, releasing dust particulates and allergens into the air,” Jeff Richard said.

The three-part system is also remarkably effective at neutralizing odors. “I had one installed in my own house. That Christmas my wife told me she couldn’t smell the fresh tree we just decorated. ‘Sorry Dear, it’s the air filter,’ I said. It will also remove the smell of bacon and scented candles,” he said.

Northern Colorado Air is a family-owned business and owner “Griff” Griffin is one of the region’s HVAC pioneers. For more than 40 years home and business owners have trusted Northern Colorado Air with their heating and air conditioning service and installation in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Estes Park and Longmont.

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