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Changing your whole-house humidifier water panel once a season will increase your family’s level of comfort and protect your valuable furnishings. Also when you inspect your water panel remember to check both sides.

Dry Air Difficulties

The recommended indoor relative humidity is 35% and up to 45% in warmer climates or where special construction prevails – and not all humidifiers have the capacity to reach these levels. Doctors have often mentioned dry air as one of the causes for nose, throat, and other physical aggravations. Heated air dries out and shrinks wood framing around doors and window frames. Gaps occur, permitting cold outside air infiltration. Heat loss and higher heating costs are often the results. Heated, parched air causes separation of wood in floors, trim and furniture… excessive wear of fabrics and carpets… loss of piano tone quality… wall and ceiling cracks… plant damage and annoying static shocks are also a by-product of dry air.

Honeywell has the answer

Proper humidity reduces heating costs by stopping wood shrinkage, which reduces cold air infiltration around door and window frames. In turn, you’ll feel warm at lower temperatures. You can actually dial down your thermostat and still be comfortable. In cases where excessive dry air has been the cause of physical aggravations, doctors have prescribed whole-house humidification. Furnishings are protected with proper humidity, too — reducing the damaging effects of heated, parched air upon everything from your wood floors to plants.

Honeywell: Safe and proven

Honeywell humidifiers enhance and protect your home by maintaining the most comfortable humidity level automatically. Flow-through humidification directs the airflow from your heating and cooling systems to pass through a moisture-filled pad in the patented PerfectFlo tray, so the air stream picks up moisture evenly and distributes it throughout your home.

“Try this genuine cure for dryness!”

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