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Most Colorado homeowners are shutting their windows and starting up their furnaces for Fall. The result? Our home environment is significantly drier, and for many people can cause uncomfortable health symptoms such as dry skin, sore scratchy throat and congestion.

“We live in a dry climate as it is,” says Northern Colorado Air general manager Jeff Richard. “It’s ideal if we can keep our indoor humidity between 30 and 35 percent.”

Whole house humidifiers are the best way to help relieve dry wintery air and maintain a healthier and more comfortable living space. Northern Colorado Air carries the best available, from top manufacturers including Lennox, Aprilaire, Skuttle and Honeywell. “We also carry all the parts you need for most makes and models,” Richard says.

Northern Colorado Air offers two different types of humidifiers: a bypass model and a steam system. Bypass humidifiers pass warm air through a water saturated filter, to produce water vapor that is released into your home.

Steam humidifiers actually boil water and cycle the resulting steam through your home’s interior. These types of humidifiers cost a bit more, but deliver superior results and a quicker response time.

If you already have a humidifier, Richard advises homeowners to have it serviced every year. Your Northern Colorado Air technician will remove the old pad, install a new one, and clean all the system’s tubing.

Give our expert sales team a call at 970.223.8873 to learn more about a new humidification system from Northern Colorado Air Heating & Air Conditioning.

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